Transfer Data into Knowledge

Whether in production, quality assurance, marketing or for strategic decisions, the amount of available data and information is steadily increasing

Which data is really helpful? What are the relevant key factors for reliably predictions? How can complex data structures be visualised and analysed? How can this predictions about the development in the future derived from this? How can data analysis help to make better strategic decisions?

We support you to answer these questions tailored to your challenges. Our experts have access to a large variety of data analysis tools, which we have established during the past 20 years of expertise in system analysis.


  • Also in times of the Covid-19 pandemic we are available to you as usual.
  • Version 2020 of our award winning software STASA QC is available.
  • On September, 1th 2020 we celebrate our 25st aniversery.

Our Topics

  • Modell based forecasts in production and logistics: quality prediction, predictive maintenance, internet of things
  • STASA QC : Software for setup and optimisation of production processes
  • Predictive Analytics : Application of machine learning (ML) and artifical intelligence (AI) for pattern recognition, network analysis, data visualisation, traffic forecasts
  • Decision making processes: Regional Chance Monitor, location choice analysis, population and demographic development
  • Software development : customer tailored software solutions in all common programming languages

Model based forecasts in production and Logistics

Early detection of failures is the key to prevent scrap and unnecessary downtimes of machinery. Whether production sites or test stands, the self-learning algorithms developed by us combined with methods of time series as well as frequency analysis enable our customers to make quality predictions and detect wear and failures at an early stage. Using statistical life time analysis of products, components and facilities we can predict the development of failure rates and maintenance costs over time.
Project examples technical systems



With our software STASA QC production processes can be set up and optimised systematically. The use of models based on artificial intellince (AI) in STASA QC allows for precise online prediction of quality features. Applications are injection moulding, welding, sticking, aluminum die casting, milling and more.

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Pattern recognition

Advanced algorithms of pattern recognition and classification using altifical intelligence (e.g. neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees) enable the automation of data analysis tasks, which have otherwise to be done elaborately by hand. Large amounts of data can be analysed significantly faster than in the past. For example, together with our customer Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH in Reutlingen we developed an algorithm to detect unexploded ordnance from data of magnetic field sensors. The project has been awarded 2011 with the Löhn-Award oft he Steinbeis Foundation. The procedure can also be applied in other fields like archeology.


Network analysis and visualisation

Interactive depiction and analysis of company networks, customer networks and information networks. For the Steinbeis Network, STASA developed an interactive search tool for analysing the multitude of topics of the over 1,000 Steinbeis companies. With the Steinbeis Visual Net the diversity but also the similarity within the Steinbeis Network becomes visible.
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Decision making processes and regional development

On the basis of statistical decision models our experts carry out analysis and scenario based forecasts of small area population development, customer distributions and commuter flows as well as in the field of brand selection.

In this context STASA developed e.g. the Regional Change Monitor (RCM) in co-operation with IW-Consult GmbH, Köln, which allows the identification of development and risk potentials on the basis of German counties and communes.
Project examples for socio-economic systems


Data harmonisation for flood risk management

Reliable and comrehensive hydrologic data is the basis of efficient flood forecasting. The availability of this data is crucial for mitigation of risks and damages caused by flood events. The Interreg-project DAREFFORT - Danube River Basin Enhanced Flood Forecasting Cooperation - funded by the European Union, aims to standardise the digital data exchange between countries in the Danube basin.
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Predictive analytics in traffic systems

Which impact do transport activities have on the future development of population distribution and traffic? Which external effects change the modal split? The application of methods of artificial intelligence on data of the German Mobility Panel and the development of a procedure to evaluate the impact of induced traffic for the German Federal Transportation Master Plan are examples of our long-term expertise in this field.
Project examples in the field of transport

Tailor made software solutions

The challenges of our customers are as individual as the solutions we develop for them. Therefore we provide our customers on demand with tailor made software solutions. Our software developers are familiar with most of the modern programming languages.